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The Covering Letter

Always send a covering letter with your Resume/CV.


Always prepare an original letter never use a standard one.

Make it specific to the job for which you are applying, refer to the job title and quote any reference numbers and advertisement details (source and date).

Make sure your letter serves a purpose ie it is not just a cover sheet for your Resume/CV.

It should say briefly

why you are applying for the job.

why you think you are well suited for it and

what sort of person you are.

Tips writing your cover letter

  • Personalize it ie address it to a named individual and refer to any previous correspondence, conversation etc.
  • Do not write to whom it may concern and Dear Sir or Dear Madam  get a name  phone if necessary.
  • Always type the letter.
  • Be yourself  don't use complex, legalistic or bureaucratic language - and no humour.
  • Catch the readers attention quickly  you need to stand out.
  • Be confident, positive and polite  but don't be arrogant or demanding.
  • Be available - ie provide a phone number that will be answered and/or an E mail that is regularly checked.
  • One page is enough.
  • Check the spelling, syntax, grammar and layout.
  • Make sure it is in the same format (same font, paper etc) as your Resume/CV. otherwise your Resume will look like a standard document out of your files.
  • Sign it.
  • Attach it to your Resume.
  • Keep a copy with your Resume.
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