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Career Preparation focuses specifically on issues related to the world of work. Experience gained in a variety of work place situations will help you to prepare for transition to a work environment, or to post-secondary education or training. The questions below can help connect what you are learning in school to the skills and knowledge needed in the work place and society in general. Your answers to these questions will be unique to you, and will provide personal insight as you prepare to go to university, or to further training, or to the world of world.

  • How does the 30 hours of work experience for grade 12 graduation, and the additional work experience hours of career programs, relate to your career, educational, and personal goals?

  • What do you need to know about job seeking and job-keeping?

  • How can you demonstrate, evaluate, and document your life and work skills?

  • What are the variety of management and organizational structures that exist in the work place of your choice?

  • How do you create a personal financial plan to support achievement of your educational and career goals?

Check the Career Preparation Process to help prepare yourself to make decisions for work or to post-secondary education or training.

Resume, Interviews, Job Searches

The University of Minnesota web site offers an on-line interactive workbook to produce a resumé in six steps. There are good examples of chronological, functional and combination types of resumés. 

Rebecca Smith's eResumés and Resources, a US site with an on-line tutorial explains electronic resumé formats for ASCII resumés, key word resumés, web resumés, and scannable resumés.

The Mazemaster web site offers hints for resumé writing, with examples of cover letters and resumés. You can create your own on-line resumé for review.

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