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Career Preparation Process

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  • Get related work experience in the work place destination of your choice.

  • Evaluate your career choices by gaining practical experience through internships, co-operative education, relevant part-time or summer employment, volunteer work and school activities.

  • Choose course electives to complement your career goals.

  • Familiarize yourself with, and develop, various types of job-seeking documents such as resumés, blank job application forms and portfolios containing work samples.

  • Research various services available to finance an education, different financial institutions that offer those services and the costs and benefits of using each type of institution.

  • Attend career/job fairs and relevant conferences and seminars.

  • Become familiar with work settings and job descriptions.

  • Act as a leader in a student or civic organization, and learn how to make decisions by supervising a group of people.

  • Practice public speaking in classes or in organizations.

  • Visit your local Community Skills Centers/Career and Technology Centers or Canada Employment Center (in the blue pages of your local phone book) to seek out resources related to career and employment-related programs and services.

  • Research an organization or business of interest to you. Obtain information relevant to its activities and personnel, including individuals you may contact who are responsible for hiring for the type of work you are interested in.
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