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Examine your personal interests and skills as they relate to a variety of career opportunities to help you make appropriate and realistic decisions. Keep in mind that the goal of exploring careers is not just employment, but a purposeful way of integrating your personal interests and values with the kinds of work that are most satisfying for you. The following questions are designed to explore how your interests can be connected to economic, personal and social values. Each person will answer these questions differently depending on their personal interests and values.

  • What matches do you find between your self-assessments and your research into information about occupations to current and future career opportunities?
  • What possible career paths involving post-secondary training or education exist in your area of career interest?
  • How are changes taking place in the economy, environment, society, affecting your chosen career area?
  • How does your chosen career area contribute to society?

Build on your awareness of careers by finding answers to the above questions by completing the Career Exploration Process.

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