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Career Exploration Process

Career Awareness | Career Exploration | Career Preparation


  • Explore the world of work in greater depth, narrow a general occupational direction into a specific one through an informed decision making process, and choose a major. You will begin to identify potential careers, gather information about those careers, and match the career information with the results from your self-assessment.

  • Research the requirements of potential careers or areas of post-secondary training and education to which you aspire.

  • Identify the required skills and academic requirements, and explore the connections between what you have learned from your research and the knowledge and skills you are developing through your Career and Personal Planning course, or Career Program ( Co-operative Education, Secondary School Apprenticeship, and Career Preparation).

  • Interview people in your career areas of interest to get "a feel for the work". Research as much information as you can in your area of interest.

  • Seek out teachers, career counsellors, parents and mentors to ask questions related to academic and career entrance requirements. These include questions about education or training, program entry requirements, on-the job training or professional development, working conditions, labour market trends, etc. The more questions you ask, the better informed your decisions.
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