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Career Awareness Process

Career Awareness | Career Exploration | Career Preparation

Begin your career development journey by completing one or more self-assessments to gather information about yourself to assist your decision-making. Developing an understanding of who you are -- your values, interests, aptitudes, abilities, personal traits, and desired life style will put you in a better position to evaluate educational options and career alternatives best suited to you.

When you have found areas in the job market which interest you, you need to do Labour Market Research to further inform your educational and career decisions.

Self-Assessment Websites

The 10 Step Planning Guide
Offers a series of activities to help discover information about yourself, and to relate this information to your own planning process.

Mapping Your Future provides you with a good summary of how to build a career plan, and offers a variety of exercises for, and examples of, career planning.

Career Key provides an assessment tool to analyze what you like to do, what you value and what your abilities are. Based on your input it then assigns you one or more personality types and provides advice on occupations that best fit each personality type. www.careerkey.org/english

The JobHunters' Bible web site has lots of information for those looking for work or developing a career path. One section discusses career and vocational tests, especially the seven rules for taking such tests.

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