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Benefits of Online Learning

by Joe Aguilar

Learning Online
Has your demanding career or busy personal life stopped you from attending school? Never fear: the convenience and flexibility of distance learning can make earning your degree a snap. Because online degrees enable you to finish your coursework from any location with an Internet connection, you can study in your local coffee shop or in the comfort of your own bedroom. Also, because your courses are available 24 hours a day, you can log on to your virtual classroom at your convenience, which means you can keep your full-time job.

Many other bonuses exist for online learners, including:

  • Learning technology: since online learning forces you to use your computer, you can quickly master new technology, from Internet search engines to word processing software to videoconferencing programs.
  • Saving gas: with today's rapidly rising fuel prices, an online degree can provide an economically sound alternative to campus commutes.
  • Increasing your global awareness: Internet-based degrees can allow you to study at campuses across the world, which may expose you to international faculty members and culturally diverse classmates.


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About the Author

Joe Aguilar is a freelance writer in Boulder, Colorado. He has an MFA in creative writing from Oregon State University.

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