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Want a career that makes a difference? Hoping to earn a stable paycheck at a job you love? A bachelor's degree in the medical or health professions may prepare you for a rewarding healthcare job in the nation's fastest-growing industry. There are thousands of jobs out there even if you don't want to spend years in med school.

Healthcare Jobs

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists a number of medical and health-related careers on its list of fastest-growing professions through 2016. Medical assistants, pharmacy technicians, physical therapists, and substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors all made the list. While no bachelor's degree may guarantee a career in the field, many medical and health careers require it at minimum. (Read More)

Help People in a Rewarding Medical Health Career

Virtually across the board, health care professions are in very high demand. Nurses, psychologists, and other prominent medical fields are experiencing shortages that are keeping salaries quite elevated.

In fact, nursing is expected to have a shortage of one million licensed practitioners in future, according to data by a U.S. government study. Indeed, careers in the medical field are not only exciting, but they are also very rewarding. Imagine the joy you could experience helping care for people too ill to take care of themselves or helping a depressed child experience the joy of life again. These are real-life situations that are just a short time away if you get an online bachelor degree!

Online universities and colleges may offer a wide variety of bachelor degrees that are designed to give you an edge over other prospective employees. There are three primary specializations in which one can obtain their medical degree: administrative, nursing, and psychology. Individuals who choose the administrative stream are electing to shy away from the "front-lines" and focus more on the management of hospital or clinic resources, personnel, finances, and so forth. Nurses, by contrast, are truly on the forefront of every emergency, helping heal the sick and injured as soon as they come through the door. Finally, those who feel inclined to delve into the minds and inner workings of humans will feel right at home in psychology.

Administration and nursing provide tangible jobs even with an online bachelor medical/health degree. By contrast, those looking to become psychologists may require at least a master's, if not a PhD, to become licensed to practice in their state. However, that's certainly not to say that taking an online bachelor degree program in psychology would be useless - there may be many careers in counseling and other guidance fields in which such a degree would be very useful.

But why choose an online bachelor degree over a traditional brick and mortar university? Time and money. Firstly, traditional universities may require four years to complete the undergraduate degree; however, online universities may often confer a degree in less time than that. As well, because of the lower overhead on their part, they may offer courses at a less expensive price than traditional campuses that must hire more professors, administrative staff, janitors, and so forth. It's worth mentioning that online programs are significantly more flexible, thereby allowing the student to work more during school than the conventional class structure.

Medical and health care professions are in desperate need of individuals who are intelligent and hard working. All of the degree choices listed on this page may lead to an exciting career that may be rewarding both emotionally and monetarily. Just enroll in an online bachelor medical/health degree and before you know it, you may be living your life in your dream job!

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