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Index Cards: Research Papers

Index cards are usually 3 inches by 5 inches (3x5) or 4 inches by 6 inches (4x6). They are made of paper that is heavier than notebook paper. This page describes how you can use them for writing a term paper or research paper.

Write one idea down on each index card.

Use one author and source for each index card.

Write down the name of the author and the title of the book or magazine article, the date, and the publisher.

Here's an example

Charles Everet
The Hurricane of 1992
U of Miami Press

Here's an example of one idea for each card.

The hurricane of 1992 was named
One idea per

When you have enough ideas, you put the cards together.

  • Put the cards in the order in which you want to write your paper.
  • Start writing by taking the idea from each card and putting it in a complete sentence.
  • Put similar ideas together - string them together like shells on a necklace.
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